Happy (Church) New Year

The start of the Church Year.

Many people use the Gregorian New Year to check up on their physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional lives and make resolutions to improve those areas. Why not do it with the Church New Year, too?

Cost to Build

All of David’s sins cost him the privilege of building God’s Temple. But he was still a man after God’s own heart. His sins, both before and after his desire to build the temple, hurt others, both on a small scale within his family and on a large scale within the people of God. But God still kept his promise and not only established David’s son as king but placed his descendant on the throne forever.

Reformation Month

*In many Protestant churches, the last Sunday in October is generally celebrated at “Reformation Sunday.” In my studies and longing for a connection with the church of the Reformation, I am viewing the whole month of October as Reformation Month. The following was used in a large group discussion with mixed ages (PDF version can […]

My Story of Faith

As I entered the later years of my high school church experience, I yearned for tradition and community that could be found outside of my congregation’s four-walls. I would often go home from my seeker friendly, 150+ student youth group of lights, games, and a Jesus loves you message devastated and crushed, crying to my dad, “Is this all the church has to offer?”

Who Sets the Pace?

We are called to run, to persevere in our faith. There is a race before us that we are called to be a part of. Anyone who races – or watches races – knows it is involves pacing one’s self. In a sprint, that pacing is very important before the race. A marathon, on the other, is all about setting a pace at the beginning and sticking to it.

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