Reformation Month

*In many Protestant churches, the last Sunday in October is generally celebrated at “Reformation Sunday.” In my studies and longing for a connection with the church of the Reformation, I am viewing the whole month of October as Reformation Month. The following was used in a large group discussion with mixed ages (PDF version can […]

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Probably due to my parents love for each other and for history (there favorite year is the Battle of Hastings, do you know when that is?), both my brother and I developed a strong love for all things back then. I assume this is why I a so in love with Church History.

My Story of Faith

As I entered the later years of my high school church experience, I yearned for tradition and community that could be found outside of my congregation’s four-walls. I would often go home from my seeker friendly, 150+ student youth group of lights, games, and a Jesus loves you message devastated and crushed, crying to my dad, “Is this all the church has to offer?”

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